Gold and Silver-How to Protect Men’s Rights which are under siege-03

On You Tube, my video has been blocked.  I have uploaded nearly 90 videos, and this one has been blocked.  The reason us men are not getting treated fairly is all explained in the Earth Charter.

The earth charter gives people two sets of rights.  One inside the home, one outside the home.  Outside the home everybody is represented.  Minorities have rights, the indigenious people have rights, this means the American Indians, Aboriginal people, the earth has rights, the animals have rights, people with disabilities have rights etc.

Inside the home only women and children have rights according to section 11, and with this section 10 or 12.  Its called the Earth Charter cause their are only two ways to save the earth.  Either we all reduce our carbon footprint, or the amount of people on earth needs to be reduced.

Its all right in front of your face.  If its not worth your while to get married and have children the population of the earth will reduce.  In the case of a divorce, the man pays.  So if the women and children have all the rights, then this way you keep the population under control.  Remember in the case of a divorce they can take your property and assets.  If you’ve watched my other clips gold and silver is wealth.